‘Confidence stems from inside but can be seen on the outside’ 

Self-confidence is what every woman desires. It is a positive attitude about your skills and abilities. If you are confident you give the strong impression that you know what you represent. However, being confident does not mean not having any weaknesses. If you are self-confident you are aware of your shortcomings and you are able to maintain a positive view of yourself despite that. In fact, if we are disconnected from our weaknesses and not acknowledging them we might fall into a trap of inflated sense of self. Inflated sense of self relies on empty praises and false compliments from other people. Inflated sense of self is like a balloon, which pops easily when confronted with real world demands. 


If you know your weaknesses and you are still able to maintain a good relationship with yourself, you are on the best way to maintain true self-confidence. True confidence is inside but it can be seen on the outside. It is like when you wear beautiful underwear. If you want to look elegant you need to feel elegant. Lingerie is the maximum expression of a woman’s femininity. Real beauty begins underneath and radiates outwards. 

If you believe in yourself others will too. You do not have to ask for acknowledgement as the real acknowledgement is when others follow in your footsteps. Show your confidence in action, by leading, not by asking for reassurance. Confidence is in what you wear, how you step into the room, whom you look in the eyes. Underwear is a first piece in building that confidence you desire. By wearing elegant lingerie you feel deserving and self-appreciated and that manifests when you walk into the room. Lingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood. Wear it for yourself. 

Lingerie directly touches your skin. It should be well-fitted, smooth and delicate. It is probably the most important piece of your wardrobe. True elegance comes from the inside especially from the things that don’t show.


Confidence is not something you are born with but something that you learn as you go through life. At times our confidence gets knocked down. When you are going through a difficult phase in life, when relationships break or your income suffers you probably feel disheartened. However, we all go through difficult times and that shapes us. The ability to survive and thrive through experience is what builds your self-confidence. 

The truth is there is no magic formula to achieve it but it is important to remember a few points. Focus on developing your skills, know where your life is heading and ensure you are portraying what you want others to see. Feeling confident, feminine and sexy starts by wearing underwear you deserve.

Lastly, celebrate the big and small wins. Tap into your self-compassion and stop being tough on yourself. There will always be days when you feel things have not gone the way you wished and your negative thoughts come running. Acknowledge them, appreciate your efforts and treat yourself by wearing something you like. Note small achievements. Whether it is a promotion or you managed to clean your room. If you don’t learn to celebrate small steps, you won't stop to celebrate the important ones. Be kind! Never underestimate the power of good lingerie on a bad day. 

February 13, 2023 — Beata Panek