Habibi London

Habibi London is a fashionable online space that presents original collections of both Women and Men's clothing in casual style with trendy accents.

Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a special occasion or simply an everyday garment, Habibi London strives to bring you stylish and practical wear while maintaining an elegant look – perfect for both a more sophisticated look and a casual every day style.

Who is the brand made for?

Habibi London is for customers who are looking for the classic fashion, luxe, tactility wear cut in both relaxed and slim fits, ensuring a feel-good, look-good wear day or night. The ultimate downtime essential and the most practical layering piece for all seasons.


We are based both in London, United Kingdom and Nairobi, Kenya . Operating as an online store only. 

Tagline ; Practically Classy

Habibi London- Black Dress

Why Habibi London?

The brand is influenced by Arabic and African culture, incorporating bold prints, vibrant colours and intricate embroidery. The clothing are made with high- quality fabrics and often features unique details such as tassels, fringes and lace. Habibi London caters for women and men looking for fashionable clothing that is both modest and stylish.

Coming from an East African background (Kenya), the founder 'Enoch Naam' was struggling to find himself in the United Kingdom thus the need to have a little bit of home was a constant thought. He therefore decided to name the brand with a name that was more familiar to his cultural heritage and the new reality.

What does Habibi mean?

Habibi is an Arabic word that literally means “my love”(sometimes also translated as “my dear,” “my darling,” or “beloved.”) It is used primarily as a pet name for friends, significant others, or family members.

In everyday speech, however, habibi can be used from a parent to child and between friends. When used for a parent to a child, the word could be translated as sweetie or honey. In a more romantic context, beloved or my love might be more accurate. When used between friends or strangers, it can be represented as “my brother,” or “my friend” or even “bro” or “dude.”

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Habibi London partners with various designers all over the world to come up with limited classic Habibi fashion wear.


Being an online store, we have tried to make your shopping experience as comfortable as possible. The site is easy to navigate with clear and comfortable to the eye font. You can check out both as guest or an account holder for returning clients.

At the moment Habibi London is only shipping to a handful of countries around the Europe, United States and Africa. If you don't find your country at the check out point do not worry, we are working tirelessly around the clock to ensure we deliver all over the world.