Comfort Anna is a model based in Kenya. She picked up an interest in fashion since early years when she was taken for the shoots by her mother, who was also a model. She had a chance to participate in shoots with her mum and it was such a great experience as she recalls.  Years later, in 2017, she re-entered modeling by doing some shoots in her spare time. It was a hobby and something nice to do at the time. On the other hand, it was also an escape and way of coping with difficult feelings. 'I was bullied for most of my early life, at school and at home'. Comfortanna disclosed that these events impacted her sense of confidence and modeling was a way to get it back. She told Habibi Magazine  'modeling was my safe space that allowed me to bring alive this hidden side of me that was buried, and I loved how I’d switch up my mood when the camera was pointed in my direction'. Modeling helped her to come out of her shell and have a sense of worth. 

'Changing Seasons'

This particular shoot was inspired by a natural change of seasons and earthy colors. Changes in seasons is how mother earth transforms its face. 'makes me think of changes in mood' - she said.. 'One day you might feel sad and down but no matter how hopeless you feel the mood as the season naturally changes'. Therefore, as Comfort told us, the change of seasons is something good, it is a gift from earth.  'I was approached by a photographer, Barbra, with the concept of change and transformation'. Barbra suggested the concept of earth and seasons signifying a turn in our lives and I immediately identified with this idea'' - Comfort told Habibi Magazine. The idea reminded Comfort of a natural progress of the mood in her life: no matter how dark it becomes the sun always rises. Comfort together with the photographer Barbra went ahead and worked on the concept. The success of the amazing pictures you can see in here is the fusion of collaboration on the concept and rapport they built: 'we understood each other'. Looking back, Comfort reflected on how much the understanding feeds into the great shoot. 'I guess it is like any other relationship - it only works if you understand each other' - she smiled. 



Comfortanna usually prepares for her shoots by doing the research. It helps her to internalize the mood and what the photographer’s expectations are. She is keen on adding her own ideas to the creation of the photoshoot. The final outcome is a blend of the vision of a person in front and behind the camera. ‘I think people often do not realize that there is more to the picture than just standing in front of the camera - it is about the mood, intention and the person who can capture all that at the right time’. ‘Client’s expectations are vital’ - she said. Comfortanna is fully committed to what the client needs. For the ‘Changing Seasons’ shoot, the photographer was interested in her natural look. She decided to wash her hair a day before and braid it at home. She had no make-up and left her hair naturally flowing. The natural, soft curls and no-makeup look perfectly with the concept of the shoot. ‘Lastly, how you treat yourself before the shoot matters’. Comfortanna has a very professional approach to her career. She told us that before the shoot she likes to relax and spend some time on activities she enjoys. That ensures that on the shoot she looks fresh and well-rested. ‘A good picture is not only what you do on the day but what you do the night before’ - she said. Comfortanna believes that a good night's sleep and a dose of happiness helps to prepare her for the shoot. 


When it comes to a dress she was not able to get any earthy tones from her wardrobe so she was offered a dress by the photographer. ‘What I like about fashion is that you try to recreate someone’s vision - it might not be yours but for the few minutes when you are on shoot you are someone else - you are what the photographer or the client wants you to be’. Barbra’s vision was ‘simple… nothing too extravagant’ and she delivered. The most difficult part of the shoot was to get the natural lighting. The day was cloudy and the sun was coming from in between the clouds sporadically. They decided to wait for a long period of time to get the perfect natural lighting that they wanted rather than using artificial light. All in line with the concept of ‘Changing Seasons’. Comfortanna also told us she doesn’t use any specific photographers when she is making her portfolio but she tries to work with projects that are similar to her goals and vision for herself. She focuses on representing different looks and moods but the understanding between her and a photographer is such an important aspect of the shoot. 

We wish Comfortanna all the best in her future endeavors and thank you for the time she took with Habibi London Magazine. 


Enoch Naam