What is a trend? A trend is what is popular at a certain point in time. In fashion, trends change over the years and some last longer than others. Some trends last a season and some are constantly evolving throughout the years. Where do the trends come from? In our series of articles ‘Fashion Trends’ we will show some examples of trends that survived the years and reasons that have contributed to their lasting presence. How fashion trends influence our choices? Are you a follower of a trend and conform to the current fashion? Alternatively, do you follow a convention with your classic capsule wardrobe? How about looking at trends and moulding it to your own needs? Habibi London will take through the various collections which were meticulously chosen with attention to durability, practicality and attention to detail.  


Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have started choosing comfortable wear. One example of it is the increasing popularity of sweatpants. Between November 2019 and August 2021, Pinterest analytics demonstrated a significant increase in terms such as ‘athleisure outfits’ and ‘how to style sweatpants’. So how can we style sweatpants? Sweatpants are not only worn at home while watching a movie at home, but also when going out with friends for brunch. Jeans have been for a long time an item for any occasion, but now sweatpants have taken over with a bang. Especially with the more exclusive combination of sweatpants with coats and blazers, they became perfect items for fancier occasions such as dinners and home parties. How do you like to wear your sweatpants? 


Another item in the wardrobe that increased in popularity is a hoodie. What is your own style of wearing a hoodie? Whether you prefer a touch of elegance or a sporty look we can show you how to mould your style to your own preferences. Nowadays, a very popular combination of official suit trousers, sneakers and a sweater can be seen on the streets of London. It has been very popular with celebrities who value comfort, especially when going shopping or dropping kids to school. A need for comfort replaced a typical pairing of suit trousers and high heels. Now we can pair wide-leg pants with chunky trainers and a hoodie. Add to it a long line classic coat and you have a go to outfit for cold winter evenings. Check out our warm, cosy and with an inch of a class  - white hoodie styled with fur gilet. A must have in your winter wardrobe. 


 Article by: Julie Muturi




Enoch Naam